About the Strategic Plan

The Placemaking: Ōtara Waterways and Lake Project Strategic Action Plan (the Action Plan) provides for the restoration and rejuvenation of the Ōtara waterways and lake within a 30-year timeframe.  The Ōtara Papatoetoe Local Board sponsored the preparation of the plan in response to the high levels of pollution and contaminants in the Ōtara Lake and waterway system.

The Strategic Plan primarily takes a top of catchment approach using the analogy of ‘turning the contaminant taps off’ prior to cleaning up the lake and a process of re-introducing our community to the waterway and lake by being informed, visually connected and over time leading to a phasing in of contact recreation (secondary water contact then primary water contact).

The plan was been developed through a series of public workshops and has drawn on the extensive research and consultation that has previously taken place for this area.