Neat Streets Gift It Sort It Repair It Day 10 June 2017


The Otara Waterways and Lake Trust launched its Neat Streets programme on Saturday 10 June 2017 with a ‘Gift It, Sort it and Repair it’ day for 160 homes in the area of Antrim Crescent, Perth Street, part of Johnstones Rd, Tyrone Street, Angus Street and Nairn Place in Otara


The Neat Streets programme aims to get whole neighbourhoods to be proactive against illegal dumping by recycling or repairing unwanted or broken items rather than throwing them away.

Special workshops and events were also run in the Neat Streets neighbourhood to help residents reduce their household waste and tidy up their streets and creek. 

It is also an opportunity for neighbours to get to know each other and through the project, it is hoped to generate a greater sense of community pride. 

The Neat Street event was proudly supported by the Otara Papatoetoe Local Board