Adopt a Spot

To help re-engage and empower the Otara community to take care of their local streams, the Otara Waterways and Lake Trust has started a project called Adopt a Spot which provides resources and support to groups of neighbours and/or community groups to care for and restore sections of their local creek.

Adopt a Spot groups are provided with plants and equipment, Growsafe training, assistance from contractors for specialized weed control and support from the Adopt a Spot Coordinator to help each group plan their project.

Restoring local creeks through the Adopt a Spot project will increase the pride and connection people have with the local waterways and provide important biodiversity and water quality improvements.  

While small in scale, these Adopt a Spot projects represent a local community that is getting engaged and creating positive change for the creek that is right in their ‘backyard’.

There are three current Adopt a Spot projects near Ōtara Creek Reserve:

  • Living Waters Baptist Church Adopt a Spot Group
  • Velvet Crescent Adopt a Spot Group
  • Hills/Hamill Rd Adopt a Spot Group

Three more Adopt a Spot groups will be started in 2017-18.

If you are interested in starting an Adopt a Spot group in Otara please Contact Us.

Million Metres

The Trust has started a project on Million Metres Streams Project to raise $31,500 needed to restore 630metres of the Ōtara Creek that has been adopted. 

If you want to find out more or to support this project please visit the project page at

Ōtara Waterways and Lake Trust is supporting and empowering our community to care for and restore sections of Ōtara Creek through litter removal, weed control and planting native trees.