Otara Litter Action Plan

The overall degradation of water quality and lack of connection of the community with the waterways has led to the Ōtara waterways and lake becoming a convenient dumping ground for litter and waste.

In response the Ōtara Waterways and Lake Trust has created a whole-of-community Litter action plan for Otara that will focus on improving knowledge of the issue, building commitment to avoid discarding litter and illegally dumping goods and motivating people to do the right thing. 

Neat Streets

In response to the problem of illegal dumping in some residential streets in Otara, the Otara Waterways and Lake Trust has devised the Neat Street programme, as a way of engaging a whole street or neighbourhood to be proactive against illegal dumping by increasing the pride within the community and the connection they have to their local creeks. 

Research has found that if an area is kept free of litter and there is a sense of pride by the community in that place, then incidences of littering and illegal dumping decrease.

The key Neat Street messages are:

  • Don’t dispose of rubbish into creeks and reserves
  • All stormwater drains lead to creeks and waterways so make sure only rain goes down the drain
  • Contact Auckland Council on 301 0101 if you spot illegal dumping or offenders
  • Pick litter up if you see it in your neighbourhood or creeks
  • Go to http://www.makethemostofwaste.co.nz/ for everything you need to know about rubbish and recycling in Auckland.

The Neat Streets programme was launched on Saturday 10 June 2017 with a ‘Gift It, Sort it and Repair it’ day for 160 homes in the area of Antrim Crescent, Perth Street, part of Johnstones Rd, Tyrone Street, Angus Street and Nairn Place in Otara. Download the Neat Streets flyer for the results achieved from the day.

The second Neat Streets project is currently being organised for a new neighbourhood in Otara.

Please send us your request to register your street for neat street if it's included in the catchment map below. Fill out the form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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 Otara Creek Flat Bush Catchment Map