About us

‘When the lake, waterways and wildlife flourish, the people flourish.’

The quality of the water in the Otara catchment and Otara Lake has long been an issue and concern for many residents and policy makers

In response to the lack of real action being taken to address the issues facing the waterways, the Placemaking: Otara Waterways and Lake Steering Group was formed in 2014 from more than 20 organisations and individuals, to prepare a detailed Strategic Plan to clean up the entire Otara creek and waterway system.

In June 2016, the Otara Lake and Waterways Trust was formed from the Steering Group to lead the implementation of the Strategic Plan. 

The mission of the Trust is:

“Through alignment, mobilisation, advocacy, inspiration, consultation, engagement and action, we will lead the restoration of the mauri of the Ōtara Waterways and Lake, and the pride and reconnection of our people to this place”.

The Trust has a long term vision to restore the mauri of the Otara waterways and lake and to reconnect people to this place.   This vision has three themes:  Mauri, Connection and Pride - all three themes are interconnected.

The Trust is supported by a Community Panel (formally the Steering Group).